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Discussing about the film ‘Mean Girls’ is like discussing about the superficial high school world with its hidden messages about friendship, trust, cheating and conformities society wants to mold you. Here, I will be discussing about these motifs of ‘Mean Girls’ and why it’s so popular among almost everyone.

Before I begin, I will give a little background, as always, of this movie.

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‘Meet the Robinsons’ is a Disney film who displays a positive message to innovation and creation. Despite Lewis’, the main character of the film, struggle to make his invention work just so that he can fill his need of seeing his mother, his friends’ (or you could say family’s) support from the future allows him to…

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I believe almost everyone in this big wide world can relate to Dug, one way or the other.

Before I begin, let me tell you about Dug. Dug is an aloof but lovable golden retriever from the Pixar film, Up, where he is the only dog shown in the movie helping Carl Fredericksen and Russell get to their destination: Paradise Fall.

Paradise Falls: A land lost in time

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I know what you’re thinking. Lost animals?????!!!??

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Remember this annoying little advertisement on your old DVDs?

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