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The factors of life that puts us in stress, melancholy, anger or exhaustion may be from the simple things around you.

You can be heartbroken from your last break up which makes you a hermit from the people around you because you’re afraid of trying again in a relationship.

You could be devastated at the poor grade you’ve received for the final exam you’ve been studying day and night for. All that studying has decreased your time of social interactions.

You could be tired from working way too hard, making you appear moody, cranky and unsocial.

But I see these people climbing their own rugged mountains.

Everyone starts off as a baby, way below at sea level. There’s not much to overcome from this point so they begin to climb higher and higher.  As they climb higher and higher until they become a child, then a teen. More and more obstacles are showing up as they climb higher and higher so more and more emotions, struggles and hopes are found. Once they’ve been through that, the peak of the mountain is adulthood. The peak doesn’t last very long but at the same time, it is both satisfying to see how you’ve accomplished yet dangerous.

falling down from a mountain

And let’s not forget that every mountain is different just like everyone’s life is different. Some are more easy and some may be challenging. Some people are just blessed or cursed with different mountains they’re on. Because of that, many people struggle to get to the peak of the mountain and just give up. They throw themselves out, giving up when they’ve been blinded by how close they are to the peak. And when that person finally accomplishes their goal to reaching the peak of their mountain after going through many struggles, it releases them with a sensation of euphoria, success.

So don’t give up when you’re still climbing your own mountain because everyone still has the potential to finish climbing their mountain even through their struggles and aggravations. It’s how much effort you put to getting back up there and try again.

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