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As a student in a Honors English class, we’re assigned a year long project called the ‘What If? Project’ where we come up with ideas we want to execute during the year to do something we’ve always wanted to change. My group with Ashley Truong and Michelle Phung, decided to make a little philanthropic charity where we come up with ideas to lift someone up in our community through the little ways, no charge.

It could be something simple like making homemade Valentine grams to be distributed with homemade cookies! Unfortunately, our plan did not execute correctly due to the fact that we came too late and did not plan the correct day.



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However, it has come to me that we haven’t put a lot of time and effort into our project which explains why we couldn’t complete our first item in our agenda. Perhaps if we worked all of kinks that may occur in this project and had a little confidence in ourselves, we wouldn’t have been in this situation.

————————————- ❤ Week of Valenine’s Day ❤ ————————————-

During the week of Valentine’s Day, we made Valentine’s day cards to be distributed to the nearest Kindercare, a day care center. Little did we know that we couldn’t make an impromptu event where we can give out cookies and grams. For example, we couldn’t make it on Tuesday and believing that the supervisor of the day care would be lenient as to the day where we could come in, we decided to come in the next day without calling her. It turns out that she wasn’t available the next day so we left in dismay with our plentiful cookies and cards. Some parents who picked up their children came by to take some cookies and recommended us some places where we could distribute the cards and cookies such as the nearest nursing home or retirement center. Unfortunately, our parents decided for us to go home and change our plans to distribute them at our school and our staff.

The next day, Ashley and I distributed the cards to the staff members in our school through the little “cubbie-boxes” to distribute letters and information for that teacher. While we distributed them, it turns out that there weren’t enough cards for all of the teachers and staff members!

Perhaps if we prepared more cards (we were very productive the day we made them, we just underestimated the number of cards we had to make) and figured out the total number of kids or teachers as our backup plan, we wouldn’t have gotten ourselves in this kind of situation.

I also made from 100-115 mini cookies ranging from oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies to M&M milk chocolate cookies. While distributing them, I came to realize how easily the cookies crumbled while passing them out, making them undesirable and unattractive. However, we were able to pass them out to those who wanted a cookie on Valentines Day 🙂

————————————————– Post Valentines Day ————————————————–

On the Monday when we got back, Ashley told us that one of her teachers saw the card and quickly went through the rest of her mail. I guess receiving the card after Valentines Day would’ve made it seem awkward and silly for a teacher to suddenly find among her mail! But it’s fine, it was our first stab at this project.

Our next event will be going to the nearest public library and volunteering to read aloud books to the children. Despite our workload and AP testing coming up, I do hope we could manage to do this event this weekend!

If there are any ideas, questions or comments about the Cheerful Charity, please PLEASE comment down below! I’m very eager to hear any recommendations and expand our project.

What’s one thing Aladdin and Edmond Dantes in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ have in common?


For one thing, they’re both lucky in their own ways with the help of their unexpected friends.

Aladdin, for one, fell into the scam of Jafar along with Babu, his pet monkey. To their astonishment, they’re not the only one inside the ‘Cave of Wonders’; a friendly magic carpet stirs and wanted to make friends with Babu and Aladdin and help them find the magic lamp.

Walking through the Cave of Wonders tests both Aladdin and Babu’s sense of lust and gluttony as they see mountains of gold and valuable items even the Sultan lacks of.

Eventually, they see the magic lamp but.. it’s just an ordinary lamp. However, the lamp possesses a genie! The genie grants him three wishes and any wishes except resurrection, love and asking for more wishes. With Aladdin’s deceit, he manages to get out of the cave without using a wish.

Going back to The Count of Monte Cristo, Dantes finds himself to be falsely accused of a crime and sent to a prison. To his luck, he hears tapping and finds out it is someone who is digging his escape from the prison. Here we meet the priest Abbe Faria, a new friend of Dantes who guides him to his riches at the Isle of Monte Cristo after he has exasperated from his efforts to try again and escape. With Dantes’ cunning tricks, he successfully escaped without any trouble.

Another association I found between the two is the fact that they’ve been tricked and sentenced to prison without an explanation. Aladdin was a harmless market thief but Jafar convicted him of kidnapping Jasmine the princess.

On the other hand, Dantes was wrongly accused of being a Bonapartist and helping Napoleon escape from his exile at the Isle of Elba and sending information about it when he actually was just a sailor who did a favor of sending a letter to someone at an island.

As you can see, both characters experience injustice of where they’re at. Inequality is an important theme here because later on in their stories, the characters rise up to their opponents, making them better than they were. In today’s world, we still have people who are just like Aladdin or Dantes and are waiting to strike back at their opponents.

The most important thing everyone needs to remember is that everyone should be given a fair and equal chance to rise up to their potential. No person, despite their disabilities or unfortunate events, has a less chance of becoming the person they want to be. If everyone can see that and was given the proper resources, imagine how Aladdin could’ve turned out to be; instead of a street rat, he could become a street merchant! Or in Dantes’ case, he could’ve defended himself innocent and received the job that he was offered.


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