Flip floppin’ with Flappy Bird

What are the likely chances of us succumbing to something that sounds so innocent and  harmless until it eventually brings us emotions of anger, wrath and fury from addiction? It really depends; there’s alcoholism and there’s Flappy Bird.

The game interface and the instructions seem extremely simple. It’s so simple that it’s one of the main reasons why many people are obsessed with the game and are constantly downloading it.

But the main question is: why do people loathe this game? It seems quite ironic as you compare the aesthetics of the game and the instructions while playing the game.

Perhaps it’s because of how unnatural it is to control the bird by itself. I mean normally, wouldn’t you expect a bird to know how to fly by itself instead of a person tapping it to go up?


This is the online version of Flappy Bird where the player controls both the bird to go up and down. It’s much easier since it is more well known to control a game this way. However Dong Nguyen, the creator of this game didn’t think of making the game this easy. Instead he would make this flippin’ bird flap up as you tap it. Sounds easy but it isn’t as you can tell at the picture below.

giphy (1)

This creates frustration, anger and wrath for the game and even more hate to the developer himself. So much hate that on February 11, 2014, Dong Nguyen decided to take the game out of Apple’s App Store and Google Play store for good. In his interview with Forbes, he stated “it has become a problem” as it has became an addiction for millions of players. But so far, the game hasn’t been such a problem to him. In fact, he has collecting at an estimate of $50,000 a day from advertising!

After reviewing the overall aspects of this game, it has put another meaning into the quote “haters gonna hate.” His hated game raked up so much money before and even AFTER the removal of the game. Users with iPhones that have included the game have been selling their phones on eBay at ridiculous prices, some even at $100,000!

In the end, would you say that Flappy Bird was a phenomenal success? Or could it be a crafty work of every evil geniuses combined? Whatever it is, I say removing Flappy Bird forever gives it an excuse to take extra flying lessons.


Life is like a mountain…

The factors of life that puts us in stress, melancholy, anger or exhaustion may be from the simple things around you.

You can be heartbroken from your last break up which makes you a hermit from the people around you because you’re afraid of trying again in a relationship.

You could be devastated at the poor grade you’ve received for the final exam you’ve been studying day and night for. All that studying has decreased your time of social interactions.

You could be tired from working way too hard, making you appear moody, cranky and unsocial.

But I see these people climbing their own rugged mountains.

Everyone starts off as a baby, way below at sea level. There’s not much to overcome from this point so they begin to climb higher and higher.  As they climb higher and higher until they become a child, then a teen. More and more obstacles are showing up as they climb higher and higher so more and more emotions, struggles and hopes are found. Once they’ve been through that, the peak of the mountain is adulthood. The peak doesn’t last very long but at the same time, it is both satisfying to see how you’ve accomplished yet dangerous.

falling down from a mountain

And let’s not forget that every mountain is different just like everyone’s life is different. Some are more easy and some may be challenging. Some people are just blessed or cursed with different mountains they’re on. Because of that, many people struggle to get to the peak of the mountain and just give up. They throw themselves out, giving up when they’ve been blinded by how close they are to the peak. And when that person finally accomplishes their goal to reaching the peak of their mountain after going through many struggles, it releases them with a sensation of euphoria, success.

So don’t give up when you’re still climbing your own mountain because everyone still has the potential to finish climbing their mountain even through their struggles and aggravations. It’s how much effort you put to getting back up there and try again.

“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

One of America’s most famous icon’s quote, Marilyn Monroe speaks how harsh peoples’ words are, compared to animals, pets or anything else from the animal kingdom.

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In today’s generation, our way of passing time with our convenient access to the internet, is to watch silly animal videos and scroll and giggle at ‘memes’ of cats and dogs doing human activities such as this:

But how is this viewed as humorous, comedic or funny? In this case, we can see we’re laughing at farce comedy or horseplay comedy. In my English class, we discussed about comedy and how we understand it based on our knowledge and history.

In most cases when seeing animals perform tricks or pose for an amusing photo, we see this as an exaggeration and to react to this kind of exaggeration, we either cry or laugh, and in this case, we laugh (unless there’s a terrible pun accompanied with the photo.)

Sometimes, us humans makes animals more humorous by making them like humans. This creates an image of ridicule that have us laughing incredibly just like in this video where the two men would sub in French for the cats’ dialogue.

But don’t forget, comedy should promotes happiness and playfulness where everyone shouldn’t be feeling offended.

“You can’t be mean and funny at the same time.”

So in the end, we can see that comedy is not just something you laugh from a dollar joke book or an obnoxious comedy film. It’s an emotion that trajects happiness from our thoughts of everything.

Comment down below your favorite pun, joke, riddle or a little story or situation you’ve encountered that made you laugh! I really want to know your side of humor!

Confessions of a true hero


Superheroes are courageous, unique in their own special powers but sometimes cocky and braggish. With today’s media, most heroes from DC Comics to Marvel, for example, are recognized by almost everyone just from how they strive to be publicized as the heroes who will save the day. But I will instead focus on the unspoken heroes that deserve a little recognition themselves.

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Running away from your problems

Animals run away for some reason. They can run away from their abusive, unhappy lives at home albeit it might be worse out in the real world where dog-nappers, animal pounds and animal abusers can do worse to animals.

In “The Tale of Two Cities”, the famous opening line of the novel was:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The moment where the gates of freedom opens and you dive into its world of independence, that is when we see the pros and cons of being unleashed into the wild.

But when you’ve realized you’re not dependent of someone else who’s there for you, you’ve come to realized that you have to struggle in order to support yourself instead of someone else supporting you.

Another example of this would be Sydney Carton, an important character in ‘Tale of Two Cities’. After his lonely childhood, he has resorted to alcohol to push aside depression temporarily and get on with the day. So when he drinks alcohol to alleviate his pain, it was the best of times. When he’s sober, it is the worst of times.

It’s important to think about the people or animals that you care for especially those whom you seldom see everyday or gets very little attention. It’s only a matter of time before you’ve realized they’ve gone their separate ways to look for someone or something else to give them the attention or relief they want when you’ve stepped out of your way to stop making them happy.

So play with your dogs! Brush your cat! Give someone you don’t know a hug (with their permission)! Make their days the best of times for them.

Horrific movies? Don’t you mean terrific movies?


I am NOT a fan of horror, thriller or supernatural films. Anything that TOUCHES those topics will be avoided from my sight. But if I do happen to see a trailer of the movie (which I often don’t unless it’s in the beginning of the actual film I’m watching), I’d be intrigued to see the gruesome, disgusting, horrifying, bloody parts of the film with my informative friend, Google.

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