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As a student in a Honors English class, we’re assigned a year long project called the ‘What If? Project’ where we come up with ideas we want to execute during the year to do something we’ve always wanted to change. My group with Ashley Truong and Michelle Phung, decided to make a little philanthropic charity where we come up with ideas to lift someone up in our community through the little ways, no charge.

It could be something simple like making homemade Valentine grams to be distributed with homemade cookies! Unfortunately, our plan did not execute correctly due to the fact that we came too late and did not plan the correct day.



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However, it has come to me that we haven’t put a lot of time and effort into our project which explains why we couldn’t complete our first item in our agenda. Perhaps if we worked all of kinks that may occur in this project and had a little confidence in ourselves, we wouldn’t have been in this situation.

————————————- ❤ Week of Valenine’s Day ❤ ————————————-

During the week of Valentine’s Day, we made Valentine’s day cards to be distributed to the nearest Kindercare, a day care center. Little did we know that we couldn’t make an impromptu event where we can give out cookies and grams. For example, we couldn’t make it on Tuesday and believing that the supervisor of the day care would be lenient as to the day where we could come in, we decided to come in the next day without calling her. It turns out that she wasn’t available the next day so we left in dismay with our plentiful cookies and cards. Some parents who picked up their children came by to take some cookies and recommended us some places where we could distribute the cards and cookies such as the nearest nursing home or retirement center. Unfortunately, our parents decided for us to go home and change our plans to distribute them at our school and our staff.

The next day, Ashley and I distributed the cards to the staff members in our school through the little “cubbie-boxes” to distribute letters and information for that teacher. While we distributed them, it turns out that there weren’t enough cards for all of the teachers and staff members!

Perhaps if we prepared more cards (we were very productive the day we made them, we just underestimated the number of cards we had to make) and figured out the total number of kids or teachers as our backup plan, we wouldn’t have gotten ourselves in this kind of situation.

I also made from 100-115 mini cookies ranging from oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies to M&M milk chocolate cookies. While distributing them, I came to realize how easily the cookies crumbled while passing them out, making them undesirable and unattractive. However, we were able to pass them out to those who wanted a cookie on Valentines Day 🙂

————————————————– Post Valentines Day ————————————————–

On the Monday when we got back, Ashley told us that one of her teachers saw the card and quickly went through the rest of her mail. I guess receiving the card after Valentines Day would’ve made it seem awkward and silly for a teacher to suddenly find among her mail! But it’s fine, it was our first stab at this project.

Our next event will be going to the nearest public library and volunteering to read aloud books to the children. Despite our workload and AP testing coming up, I do hope we could manage to do this event this weekend!

If there are any ideas, questions or comments about the Cheerful Charity, please PLEASE comment down below! I’m very eager to hear any recommendations and expand our project.

What are the likely chances of us succumbing to something that sounds so innocent and  harmless until it eventually brings us emotions of anger, wrath and fury from addiction? It really depends; there’s alcoholism and there’s Flappy Bird.

The game interface and the instructions seem extremely simple. It’s so simple that it’s one of the main reasons why many people are obsessed with the game and are constantly downloading it.

But the main question is: why do people loathe this game? It seems quite ironic as you compare the aesthetics of the game and the instructions while playing the game.

Perhaps it’s because of how unnatural it is to control the bird by itself. I mean normally, wouldn’t you expect a bird to know how to fly by itself instead of a person tapping it to go up?


This is the online version of Flappy Bird where the player controls both the bird to go up and down. It’s much easier since it is more well known to control a game this way. However Dong Nguyen, the creator of this game didn’t think of making the game this easy. Instead he would make this flippin’ bird flap up as you tap it. Sounds easy but it isn’t as you can tell at the picture below.

giphy (1)

This creates frustration, anger and wrath for the game and even more hate to the developer himself. So much hate that on February 11, 2014, Dong Nguyen decided to take the game out of Apple’s App Store and Google Play store for good. In his interview with Forbes, he stated “it has become a problem” as it has became an addiction for millions of players. But so far, the game hasn’t been such a problem to him. In fact, he has collecting at an estimate of $50,000 a day from advertising!

After reviewing the overall aspects of this game, it has put another meaning into the quote “haters gonna hate.” His hated game raked up so much money before and even AFTER the removal of the game. Users with iPhones that have included the game have been selling their phones on eBay at ridiculous prices, some even at $100,000!

In the end, would you say that Flappy Bird was a phenomenal success? Or could it be a crafty work of every evil geniuses combined? Whatever it is, I say removing Flappy Bird forever gives it an excuse to take extra flying lessons.

‘Meet the Robinsons’ is a Disney film who displays a positive message to innovation and creation. Despite Lewis’, the main character of the film, struggle to make his invention work just so that he can fill his need of seeing his mother, his friends’ (or you could say family’s) support from the future allows him to…

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