It’s been a while since I’ve written a post pertaining to animals and it just so happens that my teacher discussed about anger and the changes that occur from anger.

According to the world’s most reliable dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, anger is defined as:

A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

We’d normally use anger as a feeling to spew out hate verbally, and sometimes physically. Anyone who has siblings may conflict and display anger and resentment of others when it comes to possession of items, chore assignments, etc. Others who have to work with someone who is displeasing and intolerable from the lack of chemistry and agreement on terms may also display anger.


But what about animals? Just like humans, animals have emotions in which they display their feelings in similar ways. For example, male, mature big horn sheeps would butt heads as a competition to see who wins the female ewe. It appears like they are angry and their anger triggered them to fight and resolve their issues that made them angry. Competition between two very worthy competitors results in anger to settle out who is the best of the best like in the picture below.



As you can see, anger allows change among the two. Change is from the driven anger that brings angry people to find a goal and resolve or improve their issues. Whatever the circumstances that may bring hotheads together, just remember that anger is sometimes a good thing!