Superheroes are courageous, unique in their own special powers but sometimes cocky and braggish. With today’s media, most heroes from DC Comics to Marvel, for example, are recognized by almost everyone just from how they strive to be publicized as the heroes who will save the day. But I will instead focus on the unspoken heroes that deserve a little recognition themselves.

In the new year, we begin to blossom as someone new, trivial or not. Sometimes, we become heroes unexpectedly because we love  someone else we want to protect. Here, I’ll be explaining more about becoming heroes.

In the Disney film, Tangled, Rapunzel is the lost princess of a prosperous kingdom. But besides coming from royalty, she possesses magical hair which she has had since she was a fetus. When her mother was ill while pregnant, she needed help immediately which called for the entire kingdom to search for the magical flower of the sun. Not a sunflower, but a flower from a drop of the sun. That single flower can heal the sick and the wounded and a special song could be sung to it to make the person younger. One person like Mother Gothel who used the flower to keep herself young for hundreds of years. A flower that rare can’t be shared because there is only one. Unluckily for her, it was found and taken away. The mother was healed with the flower and the baby gained the benefits of the flower through her hair which is golden blonde instead of brown like her parents. Knowing about this, Mother Gothel decides to cut Rapunzel’s hair but that didn’t work, so she stole Rapunzel herself, raising her little flower only because of her hair. But Mother Gothel forbids Rapunzel from leaving the tower for she fears her hair would be gone forever and so will she (she’s THAT old). But what makes Rapunzel so willing to take a chance and disobey her orders? The floating lights that appear on her birthday for it is done to celebrate the missing princess, hoping she would see their gleaming prayers for her to return home.

Here is a painting Rapunzel painted to depict her dream to view the floating lights and its beauty, outside from her (jail) tower. To me, it symbolically states how Rapunzel wants to leave and be free like the floating lights float away from the hands of the owners. And if she could take off and see the world by herself without being chained up by Mother Gothel in her tower, she could see everything better. Thus the song, “I See The Light” sung in duet with Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert. Towards the end of the film when Rapunzel finally realizes who she is and her purpose in life; she was the princess of that kingdom. This answered the song she sang in the beginning and because of this, Mother Gothel senses  her flower has bloomed into rebellion and this time, she cannot stop it. This leads to risking both Rapunzel and Flynn’s lives until Rapunzel sacrifices her freedom for Eugene’s life and Eugene made the effort to unchain the bonds between her and Mother Gothel by cutting her hair. By stripping away her magical power, Gothel is doomed to cease from EXTREME old age and her repulsive wrinkles!

In one of Dicken’s most popular novel, Tale of Two Cities, a very cynical but underestimated character named Sydney Carton, known as the jackal of the story. As the story progresses, his story unfolds as well which creates more complexities in the character himself. At first, we would see him as a sarcastic, drunk jerk who just works his butt off for Stryver and gets mad at Darnay from jealousy. But as we continue to read the novel, we see him as someone who’s extremely mad, sad and has a lot of regrets for not chasing his dreams and becoming someone like Darnay himself. Life is bleak and gray for him when Lucie Manette comes into the courtroom to defend Darnay which makes the men in love with her, especially Carton. She motivates him to get on with the day without alcohol because his love for her makes him persevere through and wins Darnay’s case. We also see that in the end that he creates an image like Jesus Christ. I’m not the person to discuss about religion but there is a tie between him and Christ himself. For one, Jesus Christ did sacrifice himself for the sake of his other people because of love. Sydney Carton’s love for Lucie encourages him to sacrifice himself in place of Charles Darnay so Lucie would be happy.

In conclusion, we can see that heroes aren’t always going to swoop in with a cape and save the day successfully. Heroes are found from having compassion for others. That compassion is sometimes called love because only love will convince other people to end their lives for others just like Carton’s love for Lucie has made him face the guillotine. In addition, heroes aren’t always the guardians of gals; it could be the other way! So don’t be surprised at your disappointing knight in shining armor because he may be the only true knight who will come for you in shining armor.