Discussing about the film ‘Mean Girls’ is like discussing about the superficial high school world with its hidden messages about friendship, trust, cheating and conformities society wants to mold you. Here, I will be discussing about these motifs of ‘Mean Girls’ and why it’s so popular among almost everyone.

Before I begin, I will give a little background, as always, of this movie.

Cady (pronounced like Katy) Heron is a naive teenage girl who has lived in Africa her entire life with zoologist parents. Now, they feel the need for their daughter to socialize and be around kids her own age. On her first day of real high school, she sees how rude, disgusting and mean people really are compared to being in the savannah with wild animals and tribal people.

Over the course of the movie, you’ll see how she changes throughout the movie, physically and mentally, all while being pulled between two sides: her two friends Damien and Janis and the popular “Plastics” of the school: Gretchen, Karen “and the worst, Regina George.”

Her first few friends, Damien and Janis, walks her through high school and teaches her the normal high school ways, beginning with a compliment from Damien.


damien 2

And Janis contributed by telling her where to avoid seats when Cady needed to find a seat and she also gave her a map of the school and the tables inside the cafeteria. The map is an example of Janis’ kindness to show Cady how to begin her first day without embarrassing herself since coming from a foreign country can lead her to

On the other hand, the Plastics who are again Gretchen, Karen and Regina, has given her some compliments from her appearance and her African bracelet which was “so fetch!”

Not to mention, they also invited her to sit with them during lunch every day for he rest of the week, taking her shopping and telling her some “girl” secrets and facts that they follow such as wearing pink on Wednesdays and wearing a ponytail once a week.

But if we compared the two groups of friends side by side and see their differences alike, we could definitely infer they’ve chosen to talk to Cady and become friends with her based on her looks. As you can tell, the compliments and invitation to become part of their group came from the fact Cady is very pretty and has some qualities that they decided to take notice of. However, Damien and Janis helped her figure her way through school while the Plastics has helped her achieve the image of being a pretty and fun girl, a Plastic.

Not affiliated with the actual movie but it does give a very accurate example of the ‘Plastics’ with actual plastic dolls.

Between the two groups of friends, we can compare each other of how useful they were  helping her around school. Janis and Damien helped Cady around school by showing her the normal ways of a student while the Plastics led her through being a more prettier and popular girl like the Plastics themselves.

Here, I’ll begin with Janis. An insecure “social outcast” who’s also an artist, works at a body goods shop. Despite her outrageously grunge look and snarky comebacks, she has a good soul inside which is covered up by her insecurities, created by her enemy Regina George. Her description of Regina would be what the title says: a  life-ruiner.
On the other hand, Regina Georges seems to be the perfect girl on the outside: nice, pretty and very popular, getting all the boys’ attention. But in the inside, she’s a mean girl; a back-stabbing, cheating, gossiping girl who ends up (SpOiLeR aLeRt) being the unpopular but nice girl. The downfall of her popularity begins with her unlikable traits of gossiping behind each girl’s back and cheating with her friends.
In the end, we can come to the conclusion that:
– Popularity is achieved through a variety of traits that would make people like them, thus achieving more popularity among more people. In Regina’s case, she appeared to have it all: the looks, the personality among both girls and boys, and her success among people outside of school yet her image is brought down with Cady and the help of her friends, Damien and Janis, with the addition of Karen and Gretchen.
– Gossiping will eventually leak out when more and more people are being shared with their secrets. The risk of leaking more secrets is increased when a friendship with a loyal friend is being strained by the original popular person since they’re desperate for help and attention.
– Despite a person’s looks, traits, personality, ethnicity, race, origin or whatever, that person can always rise up to be just as popular as the original popular girl of the school. Their popularity is earned, and not given from any source of power such as money or fame. When popularity is earned, there is more trust with the people who are supporting that person than people who are popular based on what they have that makes them successful and appear more “desirable”.
This post is another fine example of Oedipus coming to Athens after travelling around Greece in search of a stable home with his daughter Antigone. Oedipus, first threatened to leave Athens since he is from Thebes (which during this part of the book, meant they were outcasts), has eventually convinced with his words and actions, that he should be able to stay at Athens and have the support of the Athenians behind him against Creon. With Cady’s actions such as apologizing to those she has hurt (after being mentored by Regina to be a mean girl) and gaining back her loyal friends’ trust, she turned away from being a popular “mean girl” and enjoyed high school the way she intended it to be.