‘Meet the Robinsons’ is a Disney film who displays a positive message to innovation and creation. Despite Lewis’, the main character of the film, struggle to make his invention work just so that he can fill his need of seeing his mother, his friends’ (or you could say family’s) support from the future allows him to…

Whether you have succeeded or failed, the most important thing was that you have began to move forward and eventually improve over time. Success never stops; it keeps on getting better. That’s what makes successful people successful! They strive to pursue a better way on improving their innovation because there’s a good chance someone else will try to beat him and become more successful than him.

Innovation is the basis of humanity. As we homo sapiens know, our newly discovered flame has led us to more resources that have shaped humanity to what has come today. Rocket ships has launched us to the unexplored and mysterious lengths of the universe (pun intended.)

Leeuwenhoek’s creation of the first optical and portable microscope has led us to more accurate and incredible images of the unseen, providing a step forward to improve in the sciences and medicine.

I bet you’ve never seen a single pollen before!

So get a move on! The world is still new, and the seven billions of us has yet to find out everything about it.