I believe almost everyone in this big wide world can relate to Dug, one way or the other.

Before I begin, let me tell you about Dug. Dug is an aloof but lovable golden retriever from the Pixar film, Up, where he is the only dog shown in the movie helping Carl Fredericksen and Russell get to their destination: Paradise Fall.

Paradise Falls: A land lost in time

One important characteristic Dug possess is that he is extremely loyal like most dogs. If you have seen Hachiko and ended up with an empty tissue box from crying like me, you know what I mean. Regardless of Mr. Fredericksen’s attempts to get rid of Dug (since he wanted to fulfill his wife’s wishes to go to Paradise Falls before the helium in his balloons leak), Dug is found to return back to Mr. Fredericksen since he loves him like a dog loves his only master.

I love Russell’s speechless reaction in the background.

But you might be asking: I don’t love people immediately right off the bat! So what are you talking about, Miss Vivian? Well, take your favorite fandom (if you have one.) Many people enjoy watching the British supernatural show Doctor Who and if they met Matt Smith in the public, I’m pretty sure many girls (and maybe guys?) will run up to him and probably say the same thing. This could apply to a celebrity, an important campaign speaker or just a really cute guy (just say it mentally though.)

Number two: Feeling excluded and being ridiculed by your peers by doing something or being part of something embarrassing or looked down upon is a terrible feeling.

Dogs typically think wearing a cone is such a nuisance since it avoids the dog from scratching their ears. Of course, masters only make their dogs wear a cone when they have a flea infection that needs to stop but in Up, none of the dogs have an infection so wearing the cone means the other dogs can feel superior and make fun of the dog who is wearing the cone. Another example of being ridiculed or looked down upon is The Scarlet Letter. 

Hester Prynne is a girl who is blamed for adultery for conceiving a child with no husband when actually, her husband died during her pregnancy so there could be no living father at that time when her daughter was born. Even though she was innocent, she still had to wear a large red letter ‘A’ for adultery for the rest of her life as a symbol to never fool around and result to this situation. When you’re cornered like this, you have no voice, no support and no friends or family to help you prove your innocence because your act is attached to you like ball and chain. In Hester’s case, for life.

And finally, your loyalty with someone you 100% truly love and care about will be unbreakable. It’s a bit silly to think why Dug would fall in love with Mr. Fredericksen immediately after he refused to be his master and love him back. Going back to the first point, celebrities may not reciprocate the same love you love them. but let’s talk realistically. If you truly love someone and you put your trust and loyalty to that person and they reciprocate the same feelings, your loyalty for each other is unbreakable. This goes with friends, families, siblings, or anyone you know well and really care about. Minus Dug.

I would also like to tie in another novel  that relates to this: Oedipus (yet again).  Oedipus needed Antigone to guide him through his way an even though she could’ve ruled with her brothers and her sister Ismene, she decided to guide her father while he wanders around as a vagabond. This proves that Antigone is loyal and faithful and truly cares about him unlike his other children who has decided to give no cares about him whatsoever.