I know what you’re thinking. Lost animals?????!!!??

Oh dear! Oh no! What shall we do with these misfortunate animals?

I believe your first reaction when it comes to these animals is: Why would they run away?

Let’s first take an example of a runaway teen as we can better understand the situation this way.

If you were a runaway teen, you would run away for some reasons.

1. You don’t (want to) cope with your family, friends or your own society or feel happy when surrounded by them so running away to somewhere else lets you breath and gives you a chance to find a place where you could be happy.

2. Someone or something made you feel like you had to be exiled from that community in order to make everyone happy and safe without your presence.

3. You needed to run and get yo own space, gazelle. 

So the thought of running away would make it seem as if it would solve everyone’s problems when actually you’re only solving your own problems. You’re selfish and think “This place is not big enough for me” or “Nobody understands me. I need to be alone!”

In the eponymous novel, Oedipus has just seen his wife/mother commit suicide after she realized Oedipus knew everything and the prophecy. His reaction was stabbing his eyes so he would be blind and exiled himself with only his daughter Antigone to guide him as the pair travel around as vagabonds. He wants to run away from his problems but y’all know Greek prophecies cannot be avoided. He is terrified at the thought Apollo and the prophecies has done to him after a curse made the gods punish all of his ancestor’s following generations.

But I digress. We can see the similarities coming together, no? Like a Venn diagram? Well anyways, back to the stray animals. Animals who have ran away did not like their masters/ owners or felt like nobody liked them so they decided to go somewhere else, hoping that someone or something will help them.

But it’s a tough question. Is it our fault; the master’s fault, that made domestic animals run away or is it the animal’s psychological decisions that made them run away?