I think you may have read that word wrong. “Viral”. No, these animals aren’t going cray-cray with rabies and whatnot.

These animals!

My favorite out of them all is the sneezing panda

I can’t say these won’t be funny for everyone but to me, they were hilarious.

One significant YouTuber, a person from YouTube, named “faireset2” posts homemade viral videos of animals around YouTube and interprets those videos to different scenarios with English subtitles under them while he voices these animals in French as he is French. His friend helps him do the subtitles and anything that needs to be translated to English.

I was introduced by his videos when one of my classmates decided to show a video in my French class. It was this video and it was hilarious and super cute at the same time.

This man also has another channel where he is an actual magician with video magic (and a humongous handlebar mustache)!

So check out his channel if you want to see some funny animals and learn a little French along the way!